The Job Description Index lists all 1,034 State of Texas job descriptions for the 2016-2017 biennium, effective September 1, 2015. (Please note: This is not a list of current job vacancies. Current job vacancies can be found on the WorkinTexas Web site.)

Job descriptions are routinely updated after the end of each legislative session to denote changes in salary groups, new job classification series, new job classification levels, and title changes. In addition, other job classification series may be updated at this time, if warranted. For more information on job descriptions, see the Job Description Guide.

Military Crosswalk

To increase employment opportunities for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, the 84th Legislature passed Senate Bill 389, which amended Chapters 654 and 656 of the Texas Government Code. In accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 656.002, state agencies are required to include applicable Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes from each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces on all forms and notices related to employment openings.

The State Auditor’s Office has created a military crosswalk document designed to match the MOS codes from each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to each job classification series in the State’s Position Classification Plan.

The military crosswalk is intended to serve as a general guideline for state agency use.

For more information on military occupational specialty codes, see the Military Crosswalk Guide.

Applicability of the Military Crosswalk: The State Auditor’s Office maintains the military crosswalk, which is provided as a resource. The State Auditor’s Office will strive to keep this crosswalk current; therefore, it will be updated as needed. However, due to the complex and changing nature of the subject matter, there may be a delay between official publication of materials by the U.S. Armed Forces and any related modifications on this Web site.

Agencies are responsible for confirming the skill sets of job applicants that are appropriate for their employment openings. This military crosswalk applies to entities that use the State’s Position Classification Plan. Entities are responsible for consulting with their own attorneys to determine whether they are subject to the State’s Position Classification Plan.

Additional information: Questions concerning this military crosswalk should be directed to the Classification Analyst in the State Auditor’s Office’s State Classification Team assigned to your entity. Contact information for the analysts is at

The Job Description Index can be sorted by Classification Code, Classification Title, Salary Group, or Occupational Category. You may view the job descriptions for a position by clicking either on the Classification Code or Classification Title. It is currently sorted by Class Code.

To filter the job descriptions, enter the filter text in the "Filter Descriptions" box, then click the "Filter" button. For example, if you want to see only job descriptions for accountants, type "accountant" in the box and click Filter. Only job descriptions with "accountant" in the title will appear in the grid.

Filter Descriptions

Class CodeClass TitleSalary GroupOccupational Category
0006ReceptionistA06Administrative Support
0053Clerk IA05Administrative Support
0055Clerk IIA07Administrative Support
0057Clerk IIIA09Administrative Support
0059Clerk IVA11Administrative Support
0130Customer Service Representative IA09Administrative Support
0132Customer Service Representative IIA11Administrative Support
0134Customer Service Representative IIIA13Administrative Support
0136Customer Service Representative IVA15Administrative Support
0138Customer Service Representative VA17Administrative Support
0150Administrative Assistant IA09Administrative Support
0152Administrative Assistant IIA11Administrative Support
0154Administrative Assistant IIIA13Administrative Support
0156Administrative Assistant IVA15Administrative Support
0158Administrative Assistant VA17Administrative Support
0160Executive Assistant IB17Administrative Support
0162Executive Assistant IIB19Administrative Support
0164Executive Assistant IIIB21Administrative Support
0170License and Permit Specialist IB12Administrative Support
0171License and Permit Specialist IIB14Administrative Support
0172License and Permit Specialist IIIB16Administrative Support
0173License and Permit Specialist IVB18Administrative Support
0174License and Permit Specialist VB20Administrative Support
0203Data Entry Operator IA06Information Technology
0205Data Entry Operator IIA08Information Technology
0207Data Entry Operator IIIA10Information Technology
0210Data Base Administrator IB18Information Technology
0211Data Base Administrator IIB20Information Technology
0212Data Base Administrator IIIB22Information Technology
0213Data Base Administrator IVB24Information Technology
0214Data Base Administrator VB26Information Technology
0215Data Base Administrator VIB28Information Technology
0220Computer Operations TechnicianA10Information Technology
0221Business Analyst IB20Information Technology
0222Business Analyst IIB22Information Technology
0223Business Analyst IIIB24Information Technology
0224Business Analyst IVB26Information Technology
0228Systems Support Specialist IB13Information Technology
0229Systems Support Specialist IIB15Information Technology
0230Systems Support Specialist IIIB17Information Technology
0231Systems Support Specialist IVB19Information Technology
0235Information Technology Security Analyst IB23Information Technology
0236Information Technology Security Analyst IIB25Information Technology
0237Information Technology Security Analyst IIIB27Information Technology
0238Information Security OfficerB30Information Technology
0239Chief Information Security OfficerB31Information Technology
0240Programmer IB17Information Technology
0241Programmer IIB19Information Technology
0242Programmer IIIB21Information Technology
0243Programmer IVB23Information Technology
0244Programmer VB25Information Technology
0245Programmer VIB27Information Technology
0247Information Technology Auditor IB21Information Technology
0248Information Technology Auditor IIB23Information Technology
0249Information Technology Auditor IIIB25Information Technology
0250Information Technology Auditor IVB27Information Technology
0252Systems Analyst IB16Information Technology
0253Systems Analyst IIB18Information Technology
0254Systems Analyst IIIB20Information Technology
0255Systems Analyst IVB22Information Technology
0256Systems Analyst VB24Information Technology
0257Systems Analyst VIB26Information Technology
0258Systems Analyst VIIB28Information Technology
0260Computer Operations Specialist IB12Information Technology
0261Computer Operations Specialist IIB14Information Technology
0262Computer Operations Specialist IIIB16Information Technology
0263Computer Operations Specialist IVB18Information Technology
0264Computer Operations Specialist VB20Information Technology
0265Computer Operations Specialist VIB22Information Technology
0270Geographic Information Specialist IB18Information Technology
0271Geographic Information Specialist IIB20Information Technology
0272Geographic Information Specialist IIIB22Information Technology
0273Geographic Information Specialist IVB24Information Technology
0274Geographic Information Specialist VB26Information Technology
0281Telecommunications Specialist IB16Information Technology
0282Telecommunications Specialist IIB18Information Technology
0283Telecommunications Specialist IIIB20Information Technology
0284Telecommunications Specialist IVB22Information Technology
0285Telecommunications Specialist VB24Information Technology
0287Network Specialist IB16Information Technology
0288Network Specialist IIB18Information Technology
0289Network Specialist IIIB20Information Technology
0290Network Specialist IVB22Information Technology
0291Network Specialist VB24Information Technology
0292Network Specialist VIB26Information Technology
0294Business Continuity Coordinator IB25Information Technology
0295Business Continuity Coordinator IIB26Information Technology
0300Web Administrator IB18Information Technology
0301Web Administrator IIB20Information Technology
0302Web Administrator IIIB22Information Technology
0303Web Administrator IVB24Information Technology
0304Web Administrator VB26Information Technology
0310Systems Administrator IB16Information Technology
0311Systems Administrator IIB18Information Technology
0312Systems Administrator IIIB20Information Technology
0313Systems Administrator IVB22Information Technology
0314Systems Administrator VB24Information Technology
0315Systems Administrator VIB26Information Technology
0320Cybersecurity Analyst IB25Information Technology
0322Cybersecurity Analyst IIB27Information Technology
0324Cybersecurity Analyst IIIB29Information Technology
0326Cybersecurity OfficerB30Information Technology
0328Chief Cybersecurity OfficerB31Information Technology
0331Printing Services Technician IA09Office Services
0332Printing Services Technician IIA11Office Services
0333Printing Services Technician IIIA13Office Services
0334Printing Services Technician IVA15Office Services
0335Printing Services Technician VA17Office Services
0351Micrographics Technician IA09Office Services
0352Micrographics Technician IIA11Office Services
0354Micrographics Technician IIIA13Office Services
0356Micrographics Technician IVA15Office Services
0367Photographer IB16Office Services
0368Photographer IIB18Office Services
0516Planner IB17Planning, Research, and Statistics
0517Planner IIB19Planning, Research, and Statistics
0518Planner IIIB21Planning, Research, and Statistics
0519Planner IVB23Planning, Research, and Statistics
0520Planner VB25Planning, Research, and Statistics
0590Research and Statistics Technician IA11Planning, Research, and Statistics
0592Research and Statistics Technician IIA13Planning, Research, and Statistics
0600Research Specialist IB15Planning, Research, and Statistics
0602Research Specialist IIB17Planning, Research, and Statistics
0604Research Specialist IIIB19Planning, Research, and Statistics
0606Research Specialist IVB21Planning, Research, and Statistics
0608Research Specialist VB23Planning, Research, and Statistics
0624Statistician IB17Planning, Research, and Statistics
0626Statistician IIB19Planning, Research, and Statistics
0628Statistician IIIB20Planning, Research, and Statistics
0630Statistician IVB22Planning, Research, and Statistics
0640Economist IB18Planning, Research, and Statistics
0642Economist IIB20Planning, Research, and Statistics
0644Economist IIIB22Planning, Research, and Statistics
0646Economist IVB24Planning, Research, and Statistics
0812Teacher Aide IA09Education
0813Teacher Aide IIA11Education
0814Teacher Aide IIIA13Education
0820Education Specialist IB17Education
0821Education Specialist IIB19Education
0822Education Specialist IIIB21Education
0823Education Specialist IVB23Education
0824Education Specialist VB25Education
1000Accounting Technician IA11Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1002Accounting Technician IIA13Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1012Accountant IB14Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1014Accountant IIB15Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1016Accountant IIIB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1018Accountant IVB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1020Accountant VB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1022Accountant VIB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1024Accountant VIIB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1030Independent Audit Reviewer IB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1032Independent Audit Reviewer IIB26Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1034Independent Audit Reviewer IIIB27Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1036Independent Audit Reviewer IVB28Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1042Auditor IB15Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1044Auditor IIB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1046Auditor IIIB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1048Auditor IVB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1050Auditor VB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1052Auditor VIB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1059Taxpayer Compliance Officer IB12Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1060Taxpayer Compliance Officer IIB14Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1061Taxpayer Compliance Officer IIIB16Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1062Taxpayer Compliance Officer IVB18Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1063Taxpayer Compliance Officer VB20Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1065Tax Analyst IB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1066Tax Analyst IIB24Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1067Tax Analyst IIIB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1068Tax Analyst IVB26Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1073Accounts Examiner IB13Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1074Accounts Examiner IIB15Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1075Accounts Examiner IIIB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1076Accounts Examiner IVB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1077Accounts Examiner VB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1080Financial Analyst IB20Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1082Financial Analyst IIB22Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1084Financial Analyst IIIB24Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1085Financial Analyst IVB26Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1100Financial Examiner IB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1102Financial Examiner IIB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1104Financial Examiner IIIB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1106Financial Examiner IVB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1108Financial Examiner VB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1110Financial Examiner VIB27Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1112Financial Examiner VIIB29Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1130Investment Analyst IB22Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1131Investment Analyst IIB24Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1132Investment Analyst IIIB26Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1133Investment Analyst IVB28Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1150Portfolio Manager IB27Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1151Portfolio Manager IIB29Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1152Portfolio Manager IIIB31Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1153Portfolio Manager IVB33Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1154Portfolio Manager VB35Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1155Budget Analyst IB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1156Budget Analyst IIB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1157Budget Analyst IIIB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1158Budget Analyst IVB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1159Budget Analyst VB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1161Trader IB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1162Trader IIB28Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1165Chief Investment OfficerB33Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1175Chief Trader IB31Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1176Chief Trader IIB33Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1242Reimbursement Officer IA11Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1244Reimbursement Officer IIA13Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1246Reimbursement Officer IIIA15Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1248Reimbursement Officer IVA17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1260Loan Specialist IB17Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1261Loan Specialist IIB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1262Loan Specialist IIIB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1263Loan Specialist IVB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1270Appropriations Control Officer IB19Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1272Appropriations Control Officer IIB21Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1274Appropriations Control Officer IIIB23Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1276Appropriations Control Officer IVB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1280Tax Auditor IB18Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1281Tax Auditor IIB20Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1282Tax Auditor IIIB22Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1283Tax Auditor IVB24Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1284Tax Auditor VB25Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1285Tax Auditor VIB26Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1286Tax Auditor SupervisorB27Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1287Tax Auditor ManagerB28Accounting, Auditing, and Finance
1315Boiler Inspector IB20Inspectors and Investigators
1316Boiler Inspector IIB21Inspectors and Investigators
1317Boiler Inspector IIIB22Inspectors and Investigators
1320Inspector IB10Inspectors and Investigators
1321Inspector IIB11Inspectors and Investigators
1322Inspector IIIB13Inspectors and Investigators
1323Inspector IVB15Inspectors and Investigators
1324Inspector VB17Inspectors and Investigators
1325Inspector VIB19Inspectors and Investigators
1326Inspector VIIB21Inspectors and Investigators
1350Investigator IB12Inspectors and Investigators
1351Investigator IIB14Inspectors and Investigators
1352Investigator IIIB16Inspectors and Investigators
1353Investigator IVB18Inspectors and Investigators
1354Investigator VB20Inspectors and Investigators
1355Investigator VIB22Inspectors and Investigators
1356Investigator VIIB24Inspectors and Investigators
1550Staff Services Officer IB17Program Management
1551Staff Services Officer IIB18Program Management
1552Staff Services Officer IIIB19Program Management
1553Staff Services Officer IVB20Program Management
1554Staff Services Officer VB21Program Management
1558Project Manager IB20Program Management
1559Project Manager IIB22Program Management
1560Project Manager IIIB24Program Management
1561Project Manager IVB26Program Management
1570Program Specialist IB17Program Management
1571Program Specialist IIB18Program Management
1572Program Specialist IIIB19Program Management
1573Program Specialist IVB20Program Management
1574Program Specialist VB21Program Management
1575Program Specialist VIB23Program Management
1576Program Specialist VIIB25Program Management
1580Program Supervisor IB17Program Management
1581Program Supervisor IIB18Program Management
1582Program Supervisor IIIB19Program Management
1583Program Supervisor IVB20Program Management
1584Program Supervisor VB21Program Management
1586Program Supervisor VIB23Program Management
1588Program Supervisor VIIB25Program Management
1600Manager IB22Program Management
1601Manager IIB23Program Management
1602Manager IIIB24Program Management
1603Manager IVB25Program Management
1604Manager VB26Program Management
1620Director IB26Program Management
1621Director IIB27Program Management
1622Director IIIB28Program Management
1623Director IVB29Program Management
1624Director VB30Program Management
1625Director VIB31Program Management
1626Director VIIB32Program Management
1630Deputy Director IB33Program Management
1631Deputy Director IIB34Program Management
1632Deputy Director IIIB35Program Management
1640Deputy ComptrollerB35Program Management
1645Deputy Executive CommissionerB35Program Management
1650Portfolio Project Manager IB28Program Management
1652Portfolio Project Manager IIB30Program Management
1660Project Management Specialist IB19Program Management
1661Project Management Specialist IIB21Program Management
1662Project Management Specialist IIIB23Program Management
1665Project Controller IB19Program Management
1666Project Controller IIB21Program Management
1667Project Controller IIIB23Program Management
1727Human Resources AssistantB12Human Resources
1729Human Resources Specialist IB14Human Resources
1731Human Resources Specialist IIB16Human Resources
1733Human Resources Specialist IIIB18Human Resources
1735Human Resources Specialist IVB20Human Resources
1737Human Resources Specialist VB22Human Resources
1739Human Resources Specialist VIB24Human Resources
1780Training AssistantB11Human Resources
1781Training Specialist IB13Human Resources
1782Training Specialist IIB15Human Resources
1783Training Specialist IIIB17Human Resources
1784Training Specialist IVB19Human Resources
1785Training Specialist VB21Human Resources
1786Training Specialist VIB23Human Resources
1822Marketing Specialist IB15Information and Communication
1823Marketing Specialist IIB17Information and Communication
1824Marketing Specialist IIIB19Information and Communication
1825Marketing Specialist IVB21Information and Communication
1826Marketing Specialist VB23Information and Communication
1830Information Specialist IB15Information and Communication
1831Information Specialist IIB17Information and Communication
1832Information Specialist IIIB19Information and Communication
1833Information Specialist IVB21Information and Communication
1834Information Specialist VB23Information and Communication
1840Multimedia Technician IA10Information and Communication
1841Multimedia Technician IIA12Information and Communication
1842Multimedia Technician IIIA14Information and Communication
1843Multimedia Technician IVA16Information and Communication
1860Management Analyst IB18Information and Communication
1862Management Analyst IIB20Information and Communication
1864Management Analyst IIIB22Information and Communication
1866Management Analyst IVB24Information and Communication
1868Management Analyst VB26Information and Communication
1870Technical Writer IB18Information and Communication
1871Technical Writer IIB20Information and Communication
1872Technical Writer IIIB22Information and Communication
1875Editor IB17Information and Communication
1876Editor IIB19Information and Communication
1877Editor IIIB21Information and Communication
1880Governor's Advisor IB21Information and Communication
1881Governor's Advisor IIB23Information and Communication
1882Governor's Advisor IIIB25Information and Communication
1883Governor's Advisor IVB27Information and Communication
1884Governor's Advisor VB29Information and Communication
1890Government Relations Specialist IB23Information and Communication
1892Government Relations Specialist IIB25Information and Communication
1894Government Relations Specialist IIIB27Information and Communication
1897Privacy Analyst IB21Information and Communication
1898Privacy Analyst IIB23Information and Communication
1899Privacy Analyst IIIB25Information and Communication
1911Inventory and Store Specialist IA10Property Management and Procurement
1912Inventory and Store Specialist IIA12Property Management and Procurement
1913Inventory and Store Specialist IIIA14Property Management and Procurement
1914Inventory and Store Specialist IVA16Property Management and Procurement
1915Inventory and Store Specialist VA18Property Management and Procurement
1920Grant Coordinator IB18Property Management and Procurement
1921Grant Coordinator IIB20Property Management and Procurement
1922Grant Coordinator IIIB22Property Management and Procurement
1930Purchaser IB12Property Management and Procurement
1931Purchaser IIB14Property Management and Procurement
1932Purchaser IIIB16Property Management and Procurement
1933Purchaser IVB18Property Management and Procurement
1934Purchaser VB20Property Management and Procurement
1935Purchaser VIB22Property Management and Procurement
1960Contract Administration Manager IB25Property Management and Procurement
1962Contract Administration Manager IIB27Property Management and Procurement
1970Contract Technician IA09Property Management and Procurement
1972Contract Technician IIA11Property Management and Procurement
1974Contract Technician IIIA13Property Management and Procurement
1976Contract Specialist IB15Property Management and Procurement
1980Contract Specialist IIB17Property Management and Procurement
1982Contract Specialist IIIB19Property Management and Procurement
1984Contract Specialist IVB21Property Management and Procurement
1986Contract Specialist VB23Property Management and Procurement
1990Property Manager IB17Property Management and Procurement
1992Property Manager IIB19Property Management and Procurement
1994Property Manager IIIB21Property Management and Procurement
1996Fleet Manager IB17Property Management and Procurement
1997Fleet Manager IIB19Property Management and Procurement
1998Fleet Manager IIIB21Property Management and Procurement
2050Land Surveyor IB19Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2054Land Surveyor IIB21Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2056Land Surveyor IIIB23Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2058Land Surveyor IVB25Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2062Appraiser IB17Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2064Appraiser IIB19Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2065Appraiser IIIB21Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2066Appraiser IVB23Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2080Right of Way Agent IB13Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2082Right of Way Agent IIB15Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2084Right of Way Agent IIIB17Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2086Right of Way Agent IVB19Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2088Right of Way Agent VB21Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2090Right of Way Agent VIB23Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2093Utility Specialist IB20Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2094Utility Specialist IIB22Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities
2119Engineering AideA09Engineering and Design
2122Engineering Technician IA11Engineering and Design
2123Engineering Technician IIA13Engineering and Design
2124Engineering Technician IIIA15Engineering and Design
2125Engineering Technician IVA17Engineering and Design
2127Engineering Specialist IB17Engineering and Design
2128Engineering Specialist IIB18Engineering and Design
2129Engineering Specialist IIIB19Engineering and Design
2130Engineering Specialist IVB20Engineering and Design
2131Engineering Specialist VB21Engineering and Design
2132Engineering Specialist VIB22Engineering and Design
2151Engineer IB21Engineering and Design
2152Engineer IIB22Engineering and Design
2153Engineer IIIB23Engineering and Design
2154Engineer IVB24Engineering and Design
2155Engineer VB25Engineering and Design
2156Engineer VIB26Engineering and Design
2157Engineer VIIB27Engineering and Design
2161District EngineerB33Engineering and Design
2167Creative Media Designer IB16Engineering and Design
2168Creative Media Designer IIB18Engineering and Design
2169Creative Media Designer IIIB20Engineering and Design
2181Drafting Technician IA17Engineering and Design
2182Drafting Technician IIA19Engineering and Design
2255Project Design AssistantB17Engineering and Design
2260Architect IB21Engineering and Design
2264Architect IIB23Engineering and Design
2266Architect IIIB25Engineering and Design
2268Architect IVB27Engineering and Design
2350Earth Science Specialist IB17Natural Resources
2351Earth Science Specialist IIB19Natural Resources
2352Earth Science Specialist IIIB21Natural Resources
2353Earth Science Specialist IVB23Natural Resources
2356Geoscientist IB17Natural Resources
2360Geoscientist IIB19Natural Resources
2364Geoscientist IIIB21Natural Resources
2365Geoscientist IVB23Natural Resources
2366Geoscientist VB25Natural Resources
2456Hydrologist IB17Natural Resources
2460Hydrologist IIB19Natural Resources
2464Hydrologist IIIB21Natural Resources
2465Hydrologist IVB23Natural Resources
2466Hydrologist VB25Natural Resources
2472Chemist IB16Natural Resources
2473Chemist IIB18Natural Resources
2474Chemist IIIB20Natural Resources
2475Chemist IVB22Natural Resources
2476Chemist VB24Natural Resources
2583Sanitarian IB17Natural Resources
2584Sanitarian IIB19Natural Resources
2585Sanitarian IIIB21Natural Resources
2640Park Ranger IB14Natural Resources
2641Park Ranger IIB16Natural Resources
2642Park Ranger IIIB18Natural Resources
2643Park Ranger IVB20Natural Resources
2644Park Ranger VB22Natural Resources
2651Environmental Protection Specialist IB16Natural Resources
2652Environmental Protection Specialist IIB18Natural Resources
2653Environmental Protection Specialist IIIB20Natural Resources
2654Environmental Protection Specialist IVB22Natural Resources
2655Environmental Protection Specialist VB24Natural Resources
2661Toxicologist IB22Natural Resources
2662Toxicologist IIB24Natural Resources
2663Toxicologist IIIB26Natural Resources
2682Natural Resources Specialist IB15Natural Resources
2683Natural Resources Specialist IIB17Natural Resources
2684Natural Resources Specialist IIIB19Natural Resources
2685Natural Resources Specialist IVB21Natural Resources
2686Natural Resources Specialist VB23Natural Resources
2688Fish and Wildlife Technician IA13Natural Resources
2689Fish and Wildlife Technician IIA15Natural Resources
2690Fish and Wildlife Technician IIIA17Natural Resources
2691Fish and Wildlife Technician IVA19Natural Resources
2698Assistant Park Superintendent IB19Natural Resources
2699Assistant Park Superintendent IIB20Natural Resources
2700Park Superintendent IB20Natural Resources
2701Park Superintendent IIB21Natural Resources
2702Park Superintendent IIIB22Natural Resources
2703Park Superintendent IVB23Natural Resources
2704Park Superintendent VB24Natural Resources
2705Park Superintendent VIB25Natural Resources
2730Safety Officer IB16Safety
2731Safety Officer IIB18Safety
2732Safety Officer IIIB20Safety
2733Safety Officer IVB22Safety
2734Safety Officer VB24Safety
2740Risk Management Specialist IB15Safety
2741Risk Management Specialist IIB17Safety
2742Risk Management Specialist IIIB19Safety
2743Risk Management Specialist IVB21Safety
2744Risk Management Specialist VB23Safety
2761Rescue Specialist IB17Safety
2762Rescue Specialist IIB19Safety
2763Rescue Specialist IIIB21Safety
2802Actuary IB21Insurance
2803Actuary IIB23Insurance
2804Actuary IIIB25Insurance
2805Actuary IVB27Insurance
2806Actuary VB31Insurance
2808Chief ActuaryB33Insurance
2824Insurance TechnicianA10Insurance
2841Insurance Specialist IB12Insurance
2842Insurance Specialist IIB14Insurance
2843Insurance Specialist IIIB16Insurance
2844Insurance Specialist IVB18Insurance
2845Insurance Specialist VB20Insurance
2911Retirement System Benefits Specialist IB12Insurance
2912Retirement System Benefits Specialist IIB14Insurance
2913Retirement System Benefits Specialist IIIB16Insurance
2914Retirement System Benefits Specialist IVB18Insurance
2915Retirement System Benefits Specialist VB20Insurance
2920Claims AssistantA12Insurance
2921Claims Examiner IB14Insurance
2922Claims Examiner IIB16Insurance
2923Claims Examiner IIIB18Insurance
2924Claims Examiner IVB20Insurance
3020Workforce Development Specialist IB11Employment
3021Workforce Development Specialist IIB12Employment
3023Workforce Development Specialist IIIB14Employment
3025Workforce Development Specialist IVB16Employment
3026Workforce Development Specialist VB18Employment
3151Unemployment Insurance Claims Examiner IB11Employment
3153Unemployment Insurance Claims Examiner IIB13Employment
3154Unemployment Insurance Claims Examiner IIIB15Employment
3171Unemployment Insurance Specialist IB16Employment
3173Unemployment Insurance Specialist IIB18Employment
3501Attorney IB20Legal
3502Attorney IIB21Legal
3503Attorney IIIB23Legal
3504Attorney IVB25Legal
3505Attorney VB27Legal
3506Attorney VIB29Legal
3510Assistant Attorney General IB20Legal
3511Assistant Attorney General IIB21Legal
3512Assistant Attorney General IIIB23Legal
3513Assistant Attorney General IVB25Legal
3514Assistant Attorney General VB27Legal
3515Assistant Attorney General VIB29Legal
3516Assistant Attorney General VIIB31Legal
3517First Assistant Attorney GeneralB33Legal
3520General Counsel IB23Legal
3521General Counsel IIB25Legal
3522General Counsel IIIB27Legal
3523General Counsel IVB29Legal
3524General Counsel VB31Legal
3525General Counsel VIB32Legal
3530Hearings Officer IB19Legal
3531Hearings Officer IIB20Legal
3532Hearings Officer IIIB21Legal
3533Hearings Officer IVB22Legal
3534Hearings Officer VB23Legal
3540Chief Privacy OfficerB31Legal
3559Hearings ReporterB22Legal
3565Legal Secretary IA10Legal
3566Legal Secretary IIA12Legal
3567Legal Secretary IIIA14Legal
3568Legal Secretary IVA16Legal
3569Legal Secretary VA18Legal
3572Legal Assistant IB15Legal
3574Legal Assistant IIB17Legal
3576Legal Assistant IIIB19Legal
3578Legal Assistant IVB21Legal
3580Legal Assistant VB23Legal
3604Law ClerkB13Legal
3610Court Law Clerk IB18Legal
3611Court Law Clerk IIB20Legal
3620Deputy Clerk IA10Legal
3622Deputy Clerk IIA12Legal
3624Deputy Clerk IIIA14Legal
3626Deputy Clerk IVA16Legal
3630Chief Deputy ClerkB21Legal
3635Clerk of the CourtB28Legal
3637Court CoordinatorB17Legal
3640Administrative Law Judge IB25Legal
3642Administrative Law Judge IIB26Legal
3644Administrative Law Judge IIIB27Legal
3646Master Administrative Law Judge IB29Legal
3648Master Administrative Law Judge IIB31Legal
3652Associate JudgeB28Legal
3659Associate OmbudsmanB15Legal
3660Ombudsman IB17Legal
3662Ombudsman IIB19Legal
3663Ombudsman IIIB21Legal
3665Ombudsman IVB23Legal
3672Benefit Review OfficerB21Legal
4001Dietetic Technician IA08Medical and Health
4002Dietetic Technician IIA10Medical and Health
4005Peer Support SpecialistA06Medical and Health
4006Certified Peer Support Specialist IA08Medical and Health
4007Certified Peer Support Specialist IIA10Medical and Health
4008Certified Peer Support Specialist IIIA12Medical and Health
4016Dietetic and Nutrition Specialist IB17Medical and Health
4017Dietetic and Nutrition Specialist IIB19Medical and Health
4018Dietetic and Nutrition Specialist IIIB21Medical and Health
4072Public Health and Prevention Specialist IB14Medical and Health
4074Public Health and Prevention Specialist IIB16Medical and Health
4076Public Health and Prevention Specialist IIIB18Medical and Health
4078Public Health and Prevention Specialist IVB20Medical and Health
4080Public Health and Prevention Specialist VB22Medical and Health
4082Epidemiologist IB19Medical and Health
4083Epidemiologist IIB21Medical and Health
4084Epidemiologist IIIB23Medical and Health
4125Veterinarian IB23Medical and Health
4127Veterinarian IIB25Medical and Health
4129Veterinarian IIIB27Medical and Health
4142Laboratory Technician IA10Medical and Health
4144Laboratory Technician IIA12Medical and Health
4146Laboratory Technician IIIA14Medical and Health
4148Laboratory Technician IVA16Medical and Health
4212Molecular Biologist IB16Medical and Health
4214Molecular Biologist IIB18Medical and Health
4216Molecular Biologist IIIB20Medical and Health
4218Molecular Biologist IVB22Medical and Health
4220Molecular Biologist VB24Medical and Health
4221Microbiologist IB15Medical and Health
4222Microbiologist IIB17Medical and Health
4223Microbiologist IIIB19Medical and Health
4224Microbiologist IVB21Medical and Health
4225Microbiologist VB23Medical and Health
4226Health Specialist IB16Medical and Health
4227Health Specialist IIB17Medical and Health
4228Health Specialist IIIB18Medical and Health
4229Health Specialist IVB19Medical and Health
4230Health Specialist VB20Medical and Health
4231Health AssistantB13Medical and Health
4292Radiological Technologist IB14Medical and Health
4293Radiological Technologist IIB16Medical and Health
4294Radiological Technologist IIIB18Medical and Health
4342Orthopedic Equipment Technician IA09Medical and Health
4344Orthopedic Equipment Technician IIA11Medical and Health
4346Orthopedic Equipment Technician IIIA13Medical and Health
4360Registered Therapist AssistantA18Medical and Health
4362Registered Therapist IB19Medical and Health
4363Registered Therapist IIB20Medical and Health
4364Registered Therapist IIIB22Medical and Health
4365Registered Therapist IVB24Medical and Health
4366Registered Therapist VB26Medical and Health
4374Medical Technician IA05Medical and Health
4376Medical Technician IIA07Medical and Health
4385Medical Technician IIIA09Medical and Health
4386Medical Technician IVA11Medical and Health
4387Medical Technician VA13Medical and Health
4390Health Physicist IB22Medical and Health
4392Health Physicist IIB24Medical and Health
4394Health Physicist IIIB26Medical and Health
4401Medical Technologist IB13Medical and Health
4402Medical Technologist IIB15Medical and Health
4403Medical Technologist IIIB17Medical and Health
4404Medical Technologist IVB19Medical and Health
4405Medical Technologist VB21Medical and Health
4410Nurse IB17Medical and Health
4411Nurse IIB19Medical and Health
4412Nurse IIIB21Medical and Health
4413Nurse IVB23Medical and Health
4414Nurse VB25Medical and Health
4416Public Health Nurse IB19Medical and Health
4417Public Health Nurse IIB21Medical and Health
4418Public Health Nurse IIIB23Medical and Health
4420Licensed Vocational Nurse IA11Medical and Health
4421Licensed Vocational Nurse IIA13Medical and Health
4422Licensed Vocational Nurse IIIA15Medical and Health
4423Licensed Vocational Nurse IVA16Medical and Health
4428Respiratory Care PractitionerA18Medical and Health
4435Resident PhysicianB19Medical and Health
4436Physician IB32Medical and Health
4437Physician IIB33Medical and Health
4438Physician IIIB34Medical and Health
4439Physician IVB35Medical and Health
4440Physician AssistantB27Medical and Health
4451Advanced Practice Registered Nurse IB27Medical and Health
4452Advanced Practice Registered Nurse IIB28Medical and Health
4453Medical Research SpecialistB24Medical and Health
4455Dentist IB29Medical and Health
4457Dentist IIB31Medical and Health
4459Dentist IIIB33Medical and Health
4462Psychologist IB22Medical and Health
4464Psychologist IIB24Medical and Health
4465Psychologist IIIB26Medical and Health
4468Psychological Associate IB16Medical and Health
4469Psychological Associate IIB17Medical and Health
4470Psychological Associate IIIB18Medical and Health
4471Psychological Associate IVB19Medical and Health
4472Psychological Associate VB20Medical and Health
4473Behavior Analyst IB22Medical and Health
4474Behavior Analyst IIB24Medical and Health
4476Psychiatrist IB32Medical and Health
4477Psychiatrist IIB33Medical and Health
4478Psychiatrist IIIB34Medical and Health
4479Psychiatrist IVB35Medical and Health
4480Psychiatric Clinical DirectorB35Medical and Health
4482Dental Assistant IA11Medical and Health
4483Dental Assistant IIA13Medical and Health
4489Dental Hygienist IB21Medical and Health
4490Dental Hygienist IIB23Medical and Health
4492Pharmacist IB27Medical and Health
4493Pharmacist IIB29Medical and Health
4494Pharmacist IIIB31Medical and Health
4498Pharmacy Technician IA09Medical and Health
4499Pharmacy Technician IIA11Medical and Health
4501Correctional Officer IA09Criminal Justice
4502Correctional Officer IIA11Criminal Justice
4503Correctional Officer IIIA13Criminal Justice
4504Correctional Officer IVA14Criminal Justice
4505Correctional Officer VA16Criminal Justice
4510Sergeant of Correctional OfficersB17Criminal Justice
4511Lieutenant of Correctional OfficersB18Criminal Justice
4512Captain of Correctional OfficersB19Criminal Justice
4513Major of Correctional OfficersB20Criminal Justice
4520Juvenile Correctional Officer IA09Criminal Justice
4521Juvenile Correctional Officer IIA11Criminal Justice
4522Juvenile Correctional Officer IIIA13Criminal Justice
4523Juvenile Correctional Officer IVA14Criminal Justice
4524Juvenile Correctional Officer VA16Criminal Justice
4525Juvenile Correctional Officer SupervisorB18Criminal Justice
4526Dorm Supervisor IB19Criminal Justice
4527Dorm Supervisor IIB21Criminal Justice
4530Halfway House Assistant SuperintendentB21Criminal Justice
4531Halfway House SuperintendentB23Criminal Justice
4532Youth Facility Assistant SuperintendentB24Criminal Justice
4533Youth Facility SuperintendentB26Criminal Justice
4540Parole Officer IB14Criminal Justice
4541Parole Officer IIB15Criminal Justice
4542Parole Officer IIIB16Criminal Justice
4543Parole Officer IVB18Criminal Justice
4544Parole Officer VB20Criminal Justice
4546Intensive Medical Parole Officer IB17Criminal Justice
4547Intensive Medical Parole Officer IIB19Criminal Justice
4548Intensive Medical Parole Officer IIIB21Criminal Justice
4550Assistant WardenB23Criminal Justice
4551Warden IB25Criminal Justice
4552Warden IIB26Criminal Justice
4560Counsel Substitute IA13Criminal Justice
4561Counsel Substitute IIA15Criminal Justice
4562Counsel Substitute IIIA17Criminal Justice
4571Correctional Transportation OfficerA14Criminal Justice
4646Industrial Specialist IA13Criminal Justice
4647Industrial Specialist IIA14Criminal Justice
4648Industrial Specialist IIIA15Criminal Justice
4649Industrial Specialist IVA16Criminal Justice
4650Industrial Specialist VA17Criminal Justice
4651Industrial Specialist VIA18Criminal Justice
4671Agriculture Specialist IA13Criminal Justice
4672Agriculture Specialist IIA14Criminal Justice
4673Agriculture Specialist IIIA15Criminal Justice
4674Agriculture Specialist IVA16Criminal Justice
4675Agriculture Specialist VA17Criminal Justice
4676Agriculture Specialist VIA18Criminal Justice
5002Adult Protective Services Specialist IB14Social Services
5003Adult Protective Services Specialist IIB15Social Services
5004Adult Protective Services Specialist IIIB16Social Services
5005Adult Protective Services Specialist IVB17Social Services
5006Adult Protective Services Specialist VB18Social Services
5010Family Services Specialist IB19Social Services
5011Family Services Specialist IIB20Social Services
5016Family and Protective Services Supervisor IB19Social Services
5017Family and Protective Services Supervisor IIB21Social Services
5018Family and Protective Services Supervisor IIIB23Social Services
5023Child Protective Services Specialist IB14Social Services
5024Child Protective Services Specialist IIB15Social Services
5025Child Protective Services Specialist IIIB16Social Services
5026Child Protective Services Specialist IVB17Social Services
5027Child Protective Services Specialist VB18Social Services
5030Protective Services Intake Specialist IB14Social Services
5031Protective Services Intake Specialist IIB15Social Services
5032Protective Services Intake Specialist IIIB16Social Services
5033Protective Services Intake Specialist IVB17Social Services
5034Protective Services Intake Specialist VB18Social Services
5040Adult and Child Care Licensing Specialist IB14Social Services
5041Adult and Child Care Licensing Specialist IIB15Social Services
5042Adult and Child Care Licensing Specialist IIIB16Social Services
5043Adult and Child Care Licensing Specialist IVB17Social Services
5044Adult and Child Care Licensing Specialist VB18Social Services
5050Rehabilitation Therapy Technician IA06Social Services
5051Rehabilitation Therapy Technician IIA08Social Services
5052Rehabilitation Therapy Technician IIIA10Social Services
5053Rehabilitation Therapy Technician IVA12Social Services
5054Rehabilitation Therapy Technician VA14Social Services
5062Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor IB16Social Services
5063Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor IIB17Social Services
5064Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor IIIB18Social Services
5065Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor IVB20Social Services
5079Chaplaincy Services AssistantA13Social Services
5081Chaplain IB17Social Services
5082Chaplain IIB19Social Services
5083Chaplain IIIB21Social Services
5090Rehabilitation Teacher IB11Social Services
5091Rehabilitation Teacher IIB13Social Services
5092Rehabilitation Teacher IIIB15Social Services
5104Veterans Services Representative IB13Social Services
5105Veterans Services Representative IIB14Social Services
5106Veterans Services Representative IIIB15Social Services
5107Veterans Services Representative IVB16Social Services
5108Veterans Services Representative VB18Social Services
5109Veterans Services Representative VIB20Social Services
5111Substance Abuse Counselor IB14Social Services
5112Substance Abuse Counselor IIB15Social Services
5113Substance Abuse Counselor IIIB16Social Services
5121Direct Support Professional IA07Social Services
5122Direct Support Professional IIA09Social Services
5123Direct Support Professional IIIA11Social Services
5124Direct Support Professional IVA13Social Services
5131Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional IB19Social Services
5132Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional IIB20Social Services
5133Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional IIIB21Social Services
5134Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional IVB23Social Services
5140Recreation Program Specialist IB11Social Services
5142Recreation Program Specialist IIB13Social Services
5144Recreation Program Specialist IIIB15Social Services
5151Psychiatric Nursing Assistant IA07Social Services
5152Psychiatric Nursing Assistant IIA09Social Services
5153Psychiatric Nursing Assistant IIIA11Social Services
5154Psychiatric Nursing Assistant IVA13Social Services
5201Resident Specialist IA07Social Services
5203Resident Specialist IIA09Social Services
5205Resident Specialist IIIA11Social Services
5207Resident Specialist IVA13Social Services
5209Resident Specialist VA15Social Services
5226Case Manager IB11Social Services
5227Case Manager IIB13Social Services
5228Case Manager IIIB15Social Services
5229Case Manager IVB17Social Services
5230Case Manager VB18Social Services
5232Volunteer Services Coordinator IB13Social Services
5233Volunteer Services Coordinator IIB15Social Services
5234Volunteer Services Coordinator IIIB17Social Services
5235Volunteer Services Coordinator IVB19Social Services
5300Health and Human Services Program Coordinator IB18Social Services
5302Health and Human Services Program Coordinator IIB20Social Services
5304Health and Human Services Program Coordinator IIIB22Social Services
5400Social Worker IB15Social Services
5402Social Worker IIB17Social Services
5404Social Worker IIIB19Social Services
5406Social Worker IVB21Social Services
5503Human Services Technician IA07Social Services
5504Human Services Technician IIA09Social Services
5505Human Services Technician IIIA10Social Services
5506Human Services Technician IVA12Social Services
5526Quality Assurance Specialist IB17Social Services
5527Quality Assurance Specialist IIB18Social Services
5528Quality Assurance Specialist IIIB20Social Services
5529Quality Assurance Specialist IVB22Social Services
5540Child Support Officer IB11Social Services
5541Child Support Officer IIB13Social Services
5542Child Support Officer IIIB15Social Services
5543Child Support Officer IVB17Social Services
5544Child Support Officer VB19Social Services
5550Child Support Technician IA09Social Services
5551Child Support Technician IIA11Social Services
5552Child Support Technician IIIA13Social Services
5616Interpreter IB16Social Services
5617Interpreter IIB18Social Services
5618Interpreter IIIB20Social Services
5620Texas Works Advisor IB12Social Services
5622Texas Works Advisor IIB13Social Services
5624Texas Works Advisor IIIB14Social Services
5626Texas Works Advisor IVB15Social Services
5628Texas Works Advisor VB16Social Services
5630Texas Works Supervisor IB19Social Services
5632Texas Works Supervisor IIB21Social Services
5700Human Services Specialist IB11Social Services
5701Human Services Specialist IIB12Social Services
5702Human Services Specialist IIIB13Social Services
5703Human Services Specialist IVB14Social Services
5704Human Services Specialist VB15Social Services
5705Human Services Specialist VIB16Social Services
5706Human Services Specialist VIIB17Social Services
6052Forensic Scientist IB19Public Safety
6053Forensic Scientist IIB20Public Safety
6054Forensic Scientist IIIB21Public Safety
6055Forensic Scientist IVB22Public Safety
6056Forensic Scientist VB23Public Safety
6057Forensic Scientist VIB24Public Safety
6084Forensic Photographer IB19Public Safety
6086Forensic Photographer IIB20Public Safety
6095Police Communications Operator IA13Public Safety
6096Police Communications Operator IIA14Public Safety
6097Police Communications Operator IIIA15Public Safety
6098Police Communications Operator IVA16Public Safety
6099Police Communications Operator VA18Public Safety
6100Police Communications Operator VIA19Public Safety
6115Fingerprint Technician IA12Public Safety
6116Fingerprint Technician IIA14Public Safety
6117Fingerprint Technician IIIA16Public Safety
6120Crime Laboratory Specialist IB15Public Safety
6121Crime Laboratory Specialist IIB16Public Safety
6122Crime Laboratory Specialist IIIB17Public Safety
6152Combined DNA Index System Analyst IB19Public Safety
6154Combined DNA Index System Analyst IIB21Public Safety
6160Crime Analyst IB15Public Safety
6162Crime Analyst IIB17Public Safety
6170Criminal Intelligence Analyst IB19Public Safety
6172Criminal Intelligence Analyst IIB21Public Safety
6174Criminal Intelligence Analyst IIIB23Public Safety
6221Public Safety Records Technician IA10Public Safety
6222Public Safety Records Technician IIA11Public Safety
6229Security Officer IA07Public Safety
6230Security Officer IIA09Public Safety
6232Security Officer IIIA11Public Safety
6234Security Officer IVA13Public Safety
6240Emergency Management Program Coordinator IB17Public Safety
6241Emergency Management Program Coordinator IIB19Public Safety
6242Emergency Management Program Coordinator IIIB21Public Safety
6243Emergency Management Program Coordinator IVB23Public Safety
6244Emergency Management Program Coordinator VB25Public Safety
7306Archeologist IB18Library and Records
7308Archeologist IIB20Library and Records
7310Archeologist IIIB22Library and Records
7315Historian IB15Library and Records
7317Historian IIB17Library and Records
7319Historian IIIB19Library and Records
7350Library Assistant IA09Library and Records
7352Library Assistant IIA11Library and Records
7354Library Assistant IIIA13Library and Records
7401Librarian IB14Library and Records
7402Librarian IIB16Library and Records
7403Librarian IIIB18Library and Records
7404Librarian IVB20Library and Records
7407Archivist IB16Library and Records
7409Archivist IIB18Library and Records
7464Exhibit TechnicianB14Library and Records
7466Curator IB16Library and Records
7468Curator IIB18Library and Records
8003Custodian IA04Custodial
8005Custodian IIA06Custodial
8007Custodian IIIA08Custodial
8021Custodial Manager IA12Custodial
8023Custodial Manager IIA14Custodial
8025Custodial Manager IIIA16Custodial
8031Groundskeeper IA04Custodial
8032Groundskeeper IIA06Custodial
8033Groundskeeper IIIA08Custodial
8103Food Service Worker IA05Custodial
8104Food Service Worker IIA07Custodial
8108Food Service Manager IA12Custodial
8109Food Service Manager IIA14Custodial
8110Food Service Manager IIIA16Custodial
8111Food Service Manager IVA18Custodial
8116Cook IA06Custodial
8117Cook IIA07Custodial
8118Cook IIIA09Custodial
8119Cook IVA11Custodial
8252Laundry/Sewing Room Worker IA04Custodial
8253Laundry/Sewing Room Worker IIA06Custodial
8254Laundry/Sewing Room Worker IIIA08Custodial
8260Laundry Manager IA12Custodial
8261Laundry Manager IIA14Custodial
8262Laundry Manager IIIA16Custodial
8263Laundry Manager IVA18Custodial
9004Maintenance AssistantA06Maintenance
9022Equipment Operator IA15Maintenance
9024Equipment Operator IIA16Maintenance
9034Air Conditioning and Boiler Operator IA11Maintenance
9035Air Conditioning and Boiler Operator IIA13Maintenance
9036Air Conditioning and Boiler Operator IIIA15Maintenance
9037Air Conditioning and Boiler Operator IVA17Maintenance
9041Maintenance Specialist IA08Maintenance
9042Maintenance Specialist IIA10Maintenance
9043Maintenance Specialist IIIA11Maintenance
9044Maintenance Specialist IVA13Maintenance
9045Maintenance Specialist VA15Maintenance
9052Maintenance Supervisor IA14Maintenance
9053Maintenance Supervisor IIA15Maintenance
9054Maintenance Supervisor IIIA16Maintenance
9055Maintenance Supervisor IVA17Maintenance
9056Maintenance Supervisor VA19Maintenance
9060Electronics Technician IA15Maintenance
9062Electronics Technician IIA17Maintenance
9064Electronics Technician IIIA19Maintenance
9305Transportation Maintenance Specialist IA14Maintenance
9306Transportation Maintenance Specialist IIA15Maintenance
9307Transportation Maintenance Specialist IIIA16Maintenance
9308Transportation Maintenance Specialist IVA17Maintenance
9309Transportation Maintenance Specialist VA18Maintenance
9322Vehicle Driver IA07Maintenance
9323Vehicle Driver IIA09Maintenance
9324Vehicle Driver IIIA11Maintenance
9416Motor Vehicle Technician IA09Maintenance
9417Motor Vehicle Technician IIA11Maintenance
9418Motor Vehicle Technician IIIA13Maintenance
9419Motor Vehicle Technician IVA15Maintenance
9420Motor Vehicle Technician VA17Maintenance
9512Machinist IA13Maintenance
9514Machinist IIA15Maintenance
9624Aircraft Pilot IB20Maintenance
9626Aircraft Pilot IIB22Maintenance
9628Aircraft Pilot IIIB24Maintenance
9636Aircraft Mechanic IB21Maintenance
9638Aircraft Mechanic IIB22Maintenance
9700Radio Communications Technician IA10Maintenance
9704Radio Communications Technician IIA12Maintenance
9706Radio Communications Technician IIIA14Maintenance
9733Equipment Maintenance Technician IA14Maintenance
9734Equipment Maintenance Technician IIA16Maintenance
9802Electrician IA14Maintenance
9804Electrician IIA16Maintenance
9806Electrician IIIA18Maintenance
9808Electrician IVA20Maintenance
9812HVAC Mechanic IA14Maintenance
9814HVAC Mechanic IIA16Maintenance
9816HVAC Mechanic IIIA18Maintenance
9830Ferryboat Specialist IB20Maintenance
9832Ferryboat Specialist IIB21Maintenance
9834Ferryboat Specialist IIIB22Maintenance
9901Public Safety Inspector IC05Law Enforcement
9902Public Safety Inspector IIC06Law Enforcement
9905Pilot Investigator IC04Law Enforcement
9906Pilot Investigator IIC05Law Enforcement
9907Pilot Investigator IIIC06Law Enforcement
9908Pilot Investigator IVC07Law Enforcement
9920Trooper TraineeC01Law Enforcement
9922Probationary TrooperC02Law Enforcement
9928TrooperC03Law Enforcement
9935CorporalC03Law Enforcement
9940Sergeant, Public SafetyC04Law Enforcement
9941Lieutenant, Public SafetyC05Law Enforcement
9942Captain, Public SafetyC06Law Enforcement
9943Assistant Commander, Public SafetyC07Law Enforcement
9944Commander, Public SafetyC08Law Enforcement
9945Major, Public SafetyC08Law Enforcement
9950Agent TraineeC02Law Enforcement
9956AgentC03Law Enforcement
9960Sergeant, Alcoholic BeverageC04Law Enforcement
9961Lieutenant, Alcoholic BeverageC05Law Enforcement
9962Captain, Alcoholic BeverageC06Law Enforcement
9963Major, Alcoholic BeverageC08Law Enforcement
9965Investigator I, Trainee - Office of the Inspector GeneralC01Law Enforcement
9970Investigator II - Office of the Inspector GeneralC02Law Enforcement
9971Investigator III - Office of the Inspector GeneralC03Law Enforcement
9972Investigator IV - Office of the Inspector GeneralC04Law Enforcement
9973Regional Supervisor - Office of the Inspector GeneralC05Law Enforcement
9974Regional Manager - Office of the Inspector GeneralC06Law Enforcement
9975Multi-Regional Administrator - Office of the Inspector GeneralC07Law Enforcement
9976Chief Inspector - Office of the Inspector GeneralC08Law Enforcement
9980Game Warden TraineeC01Law Enforcement
9981Probationary Game WardenC02Law Enforcement
9987Game WardenC03Law Enforcement
9990Sergeant, Game WardenC04Law Enforcement
9991Lieutenant, Game WardenC05Law Enforcement
9992Captain, Game WardenC06Law Enforcement
9993Assistant Commander, Game WardenC07Law Enforcement
9994Commander, Game WardenC08Law Enforcement
9995Major, Game WardenC08Law Enforcement
9996Sergeant, Texas Attorney General's OfficeC04Law Enforcement
9997Lieutenant, Texas Attorney General's OfficeC05Law Enforcement
9998Captain, Texas Attorney General's OfficeC06Law Enforcement
9999Major, Texas Attorney General's OfficeC08Law Enforcement