Salary Group A13

Class No. 9044



Performs highly complex (senior-level) construction, restoration, renovation, and maintenance work.  Work involves building repair, renovation, restoration, and alteration for the designated trade skill.  May train, lead, assign, and/or prioritize the work of others. Works under limited supervision, with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.


Coordinates building construction, repair, renovation, or restoration projects.

Performs maintenance, construction, repair or inspection work on electrical, plumbing, mechanical equipment, heating ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration.

Inspects structures, evaluates work to be performed, and determines the best method for performing maintenance and repair work.

Inspects equipment, machinery, systems, and building accessories and appliances to ensure proper maintenance and repair.

Examines and interprets drawings, diagrams, and blueprints.

Maintains and repairs electrical outlets, control panels, switches, fixtures, and accessories; replaces and reseats brushes on motors; and splices wires and cables.

Requisitions materials and equipment, maintains records of materials used, calculates material and labor costs, and orders parts and supplies to complete work orders.

Repairs or oversees repairs to electronic equipment.

Assembles, installs, repairs, and maintains modular furniture systems.

Operates and maintains motorized vehicles and equipment.

Assists licensed aircraft mechanics in providing aircraft support services.

May perform workshop operations to fabricate specialized items needed for project work or to refinish furniture, doors, and paneling.

May perform welding, brazing, or soldering operations to reconstruct or fabricate metal work.

May train, lead, assign, and/or prioritize the work of others.

Performs related work as assigned.


Experience and Education

Experience in construction, maintenance, and repair work.  Graduation from a standard senior high school or equivalent, supplemented by vocational training in a designated trade, is generally preferred.  Experience and education may be substituted for one another.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of the construction, repair, maintenance, and operation of buildings, equipment, and utility systems; of building materials; of welding procedures and techniques; and of fire and safety regulations.

Skill in equipment and electronic maintenance, in selecting appropriate tools and equipment, and in troubleshooting situations to determine appropriate actions to resolve problems.

Ability to organize preventive maintenance programs; to apply proper methods, techniques, and procedures in the maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment; to interpret drawings, diagrams, and blueprints; to communicate effectively; and to train, lead, assign, and/or prioritize the work of others.

State Auditor’s Office

Revised 9-1-15