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The State has a limited number of positions at state agencies that are exempt from the State's Position Classification Plan. These positions include executive officer positions. Unless specifically authorized, an executive officer may not receive a salary that exceeds his or her authorized salary. Guidelines and additional information on executive officer salaries are outlined in the Schedule of Exempt Positions, Article IX, Section 3.04, General Appropriations Act (85th Legislature).

For positions assigned to a salary group, the approved Schedule of Exempt Position Rates are listed below. Each agency's bill pattern within the General Appropriations Act lists the not to exceed rate for the executive officer and assigns a salary group in most cases.

Schedule of Exempt Positions 2018-2019 Biennium
Effective September 1, 2017, to August 31, 2019

Group Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
1 $70,000 $112,750
2 $80,500 $129,765
3 $92,600 $149,240
4 $106,500 $171,688
5 $122,500 $197,415
6 $140,900 $227,038
7 $162,000 $261,068
8 $186,300 $299,813