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The State Auditor's Office is directed to provide uniform interpretation of statutory provisions related to vacation, sick leave, and miscellaneous leave for state employees under the authority of the Texas Government Code, Chapter 661. Questions related to leave interpretations should be directed to the agency's Classification Analyst.

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Date Issued Specific Subject Topic Number
2000-09-08 Whether state employees who are exhausting their leave as a result of a workers' compensation claim can use the leave hours he or she accrues before he or she physically returns to work General Leave 01-02
1999-09-09 Whether an employee who has a child and request to take the employee's full 12 weeks of family and medical leave can take 12 weeks of sick leave when a physician certified only 6 weeks for the delivery and recovery period Sick Leave 00-01
1998-09-30 Whether an employee is allowed to substitute jury duty for annual leave when exhausting annual leave on an agency's payroll following resignation Annual Leave 99-01
1998-08-01 Whether an employee may receive paid leave for duty with the National Guard if the leave exceeds 15 days Military Leave 98-06
1998-04-22 The father's use of sick leave and Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) in the event of the birth of a child Sick Leave 97-01
1998-02-16 Whether an employee is entitled to another 15 days of paid military leave if the length of active service crosses two federal fiscal years, and whether it makes a difference if the employee is currently in a leave without pay status Military Leave 98-03
1997-12-19 Whether an employee is allowed to accumulate more than 32 hours of administrative leave, and whether there are restrictions that apply to the use of the accumulated leave Administrative Leave 98-02
1997-02-24 Whether retired state employees who return to state employment are eligible for leave accruals General Leave 97-07
1996-10-29 Whether an employee should be granted sick leave for the time necessary to provide care as the result of a documented medical condition of his/her mother-in-law who does not live with the employee Sick Leave 97-04
1996-10-29 Whether annual leave should be changed to sick leave when an employee becomes ill when on vacation General Leave 97-05
1996-10-22 In what increments may a state employee contribute accrued sick leave to a sick leave pool Sick Leave 97-02a
1986-07-09 Allowable carryover of annual leave for an employee whose anniversary date is in August Annual Leave 86-06
1985-11-06 Employees working a scheduled 10 hour day and the relation to paid annual, sick, and compensatory leave. See also AG Opinion M-1058 General Leave 86-03
1984-07-03 Accrual of sick and vacation leave while an employee is on leave General Leave 84-04
1983-10-13 Accrual of vacation leave for an employee who holds part time positions as both a faculty member and as a staff member Annual Leave 84-03
1979-07-02 Military leave and its relation to sick leave, vacation leave, and Leave Without Pay. See also Attorney General Opinion MW-109. General Leave 79-01